Dealing with Polluted Air

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Air Purifiers

Keep the following in mind when shopping for an air purifier:

Here are some recommended models:

Air Masks (Respirators)

The most important quality of a good respirator is that it forms a seal with your face. It doesn't matter what kind of respirator you get if you're just breathing air that goes around it. Respirators don't work with beards.

Get a mask with a filter rated N95, N100, or P100. N100 or P100 are better.

If you're willing to look like darth vader, this facemask ($20) will do a good job filtering the air you breath (if you get it to seal to your face). Make sure you get the right size. The medium and large fit me. The small size fits my 4 and 6 year olds.

Furnace Filters

Types of Pollutants

Particulate Matter


Living Organisms

Home Air Quality Experiments